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October 31, 2006

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"Ideas from creativity, technical skills from experience and hard work from passion: these are the three key components required to make high quality entertainment software. But... "and the money?" someone could ask. Well, the money is the invisible glue keeping together that C-like expression and it only comes from satisfied customers.
That's how things work in this crazy, yet so fascinating, little wired world!"


Finalist in the Best Software Awards 2006 and Best Software Awards 2005, winner of a special award at the Mobile Fun Awards 2003, featured on a 12 minutes TV interview at Netc@fé and listed in the Best Education Solution category of the Handango People Choice Awards.

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Euro Coins Pocket Collector is the first and unique tool that will help you managing your precious collection of Euro coins anywhere you'll bring your Pocket PC!
If you are a beginner collector of Euro coins you have a whole world of detail to discover in front of you!
Those cents in your pocket will get a whole new value!
And once you'll have your collection in the compact Ecpc file format you can easily share it with other collectors all around the world!
Here's the list of the major features:

  • Easily manage and review your collection in an interactive graphical table
  • Detailed images and descriptions of all the 120 coins of the 15 Euro area countries
  • Informative menus about the Euro area countries and the common and national face coin designs
  • Accurately researched information about coin variants, edge types and Mint marks
  • Share your personal collection or swap list in the compact Ecpc file format
  • Multilanguage support including English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Italian
  • Extensive online documentation
  • Exclusive interface mode designed for left-handers
  • Friendly and intuitive user interface, now supporting custom background skins

  • Cool sound effects sampled using real coins

} //Always close your opened parenthesis both in the code and in real life ;-)